Introducing Grady a modern rock trio with passionate lyrics, and epic melodies. A band that you can believe in! Grady deliver sonic escapism with an easy grace. They deal in dynamic, virile and melodic guitar-rock that is winning over fans all over the world.

At the core are brothers Ted, and Andrew Grady. Rounded out by Sean Brock, a truly great rock drummer. “Sean is the kind of drummer every band needs. A true entertainer!” says Andrew.

When describing their influences, Grady lists “every piece of music that we have ever heard as an influence in one way or another”. To narrow it down slightly-“I like guitar bands with a big sound and an epic sense of melody,” analyzes Andrew Grady, the group’s chief Songwriter.

Grady has developed an enviable internet presence. Their webcast concert “Live on the longest Day” was viewed by over ten thousand people, and their web site averages over 500 hits weekly Recently Grady served as a virtual house band at the Kee to Bala securing several opening slots for some of North America’s hottest bands, at one of the hottest concert halls in the Canada. With their live show already gaining a reputation as one of the best around, and awesome internet presence, look for Grady to make a big noise in the world of music in the very near future!

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