March, 2005

Grady will be returning to the “Horseshoe Tavern” as 102.1 “the Edge” presents “Nu music night”. Check out the tour page for details!

Grady recently completed the filming of the video for “Fell Back Down to Earth”The shoot went well, and following a few edits, will be posted on in the near future!

February, 2005

GRADY relaunches

The official web site of GRADY Since 2001 is pleased to announce that Grady has signed a deal that will see their music distributed on the World Wide Web! “We are ecstatic abut this deal” says singer Andrew Grady. “This really is exciting for a band like us to be able to make our music available to everyone in the world! “The web has really been good to us for the last two years (starting with our webcast concert), and it’s where we have put most of our focus. Seeing things like the iPod, and portable mp3 players everywhere is so cool. It really has changed the landscape for music listeners in a really cool way, and we are thrilled to finally be part of it! Grady’s music will be on the following sites: itunes,, napster, rhapsody, musicmatch, audio lunchbox, musicnow, msn music service,, sony connect, musicnet, liquid audio, Australia’s destra, eCast, wippit, and musicstream. Check the media galleries for release dates.

Grady rocked the legendary “Horseshoe Tavern” in Toronto on Monday night to a wildly enthusiastic crowd! Even the grip of the cold Canadian winter couldn't dampen the band and their fans enthusiasm! Grady will be returning to this truly special venue TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 2005!

Grady was featured tonight on “The Rock” 94.9 FM radio. “Fell back Down to Earth” was the featured track. To request the song on the air, visit visit the media section to hear a teaser of the song. has added a preview section of the latest music by Grady. Visit the media section for a new set of tracks every few weeks!

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